My Month In Pictures: October 2015

During the second week of October, I realised I didn’t round up September’s Month In Pictures. Time just plumb got away from me. Never fear though, I’m here with the October edition which I’m afraid is rather boring, at least from a social media viewpoint, I wasn’t particularly active on Instagram!

My Instagram Month: October 2015

See, I told you I wasn’t particularly active. Just 20 images including a regram from my girl Kelly who went to see Robbie Williams in concert and took a vid of my fave RW song, Monsoon, just for me because she knew I couldn’t go.

Non-Instagram Material: October 2015

I took 261 photos during October. No, I didn’t count them, I simply looked at the figure when I transferred them from Dropbox to my computer. Smarter not harder. Most of the time they were a series of shots trying to get a good one to publish on social media because I truly suck at selfies (except the one I sent to MumptyStyle). I took NINE photos to get this shot.  Minus the 19 images I shared on Instagram, that leaves me with 246 to choose from to share here. You get to see 21 of those.

Left to right, top to bottom: Swatching colours from Chi Chi Cosmetics’ eye shadows and lip sticks; a cute button badge that was on a person’s back pack that was signing up to GoGet; GoGet set up in Harbour Town Shopping Centre for the last week of October; The MCG on Grand Final night; The Mister and I waiting for a train home one night after work; the amazing gifts from the very beautiful Laura from Cook, Wine and Thinker as part of our gift exchange in our Blog Passion Project group; a gorgeous old home on the waterfront in St Kilda that I’ve driven passed countless times before but never noticed until this photo was taken.

Left to right, top to bottom: very cool decal on one of the trams (I’m going with either the #1 or the #8); successful selfie with my cousin (he’s 7.5 weeks older than me) at his wedding – this was a success on our first go, woohoo!; post wedding day after outfit and hair (and the tired eyes!); an IKEA house set up for Christmas.

Left to right, top to bottom: my grandmother (and also my cousin’s) on her wedding day on 22 July 1950; prints from our wedding from our amazing photographer; a rather unfortunate collision of the #12 and the #109 screen-shotted from Instagram; Queen Street street scape; a look at Australian fashion through the times – the pages featured are from the Miss Geelong 1945 Grand Bathing Beauty Competition (for those who don’t know me, Geelong is my home town); The Mister, myself, and my uncle (not my cousin’s dad, also his uncle – he is the brother to our mothers) at my cousin’s wedding.

  • I have never been to your blog before, but it is so cute! I love the retro feel!
    It looks like you had a pretty busy month! I hope November treats you well!

    • Thanks @disqus_A44a6B6V8B:disqus! 40s and 50s is my thing, I love it.
      So far, November has thrown me a few curve balls but nothing I can’t handle. I hope your November is wonderful too 🙂

  • Love your hairstyles! Sounds like a fun wedding month! We had a really low key month–I think I took very few pictures at all–but I want to take more, I love the memories that photos bring.

    • Thanks so much @rachel_g:disqus I have so much fun doing my hair, but lately I’ve just not had the time.
      Picture taking can be a bit of an effort, eh, but the memories you can visit time and time again make you appreciate that moment you decided to capture it. I hope your November brings more photographic opportunities your way.

  • In love with your hair, Alexie – so retro and chic. 🙂 So glad you could participate in the Blog Passion Project swap!

    • Aw thank you @summerkonicki:disqus! I love it too. I think I’m going to give my hair a rest though for a little while and let it go back to its natural colour. With all the teasing and curling I do, it’s in need of a little TLC so I’ll start with letting the colour go again…but I suspect I’ll miss being a redhead!

      Thank you for the opportunity. I just love the little community you and the other admins have worked so hard to create for us.

  • I especially love the photo of your grandmother on her wedding day! What a wonderful keepsake.

    • Thanks @cookwineandthinker:disqus! I would have loved to have been able to know Grandma, especially now that I’m an adult. In fact, it would have been her 90th birthday at the end of November if she was still here, so I might do a little something to celebrate while I’m in Perth, I think.